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James Robertson

When we started Detour we knew we’d receive some great submissions. That said, our mission to find riders, adventurers, and creators to document their experiences of bicycle travel through art was accomplished to an unprecedented extent.

After first whittling applicants down to a shortlist, the Detour judges decided upon a winning entry: Unnamed Finishers by James Robertson, a photographer well known for his work documenting the Transcontinental Race.

"I’m interested less in the act of cycling and more in the interactions it forces you into with the country and environment you travel through," James said in his application. "I’m also very aware that the act of taking photos has to become an intrinsic part of riding, otherwise it won’t happen."


We are very pleased to present James' resulting experiences, a photographic journey into the uncertainty of bicycle travel.


Marika Latsone

Parker Jones

Both Parker Jones’ illustration Viajes en Mexico and Marika Latsone’s gentle, reflective piece Detours stood out for their highly individualistic and original portrayals of personal journeys and the joy of travelling by bicycle. As Jones put it, “to me, traveling by bike is the purest way to experience an unfiltered, raw reality, as if releasing the kink from a garden hose. With no bus windows or hostel sheets to hide behind, every day you expose yourself to new landscapes, challenges, and the seemingly unending kindness of the humans around you.”


We were also astonished by Jamie Vickers’ Sketches, a series of vignettes pulled from his personal sketchbook that illustrate a very personal, loose style and an eye that’s equally adept at capturing the details of a day on the road as telling a story through a cinematic lens.