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The Art Of Riding


Bikepacking trips, if you ask us, persuade you to start looking at the world as a piece of art. As the hours pass in the saddle, something strange starts happening in a rider’s head: interesting views are seen as if they’re frescos, signposts are suddenly sculptures, and every utterance about the ride sounds like a line from a poem. And out of all the bikepacking rides we know, The Japanese Odyssey is the one that makes us feel this way the most.


The Japanese Odyssey


The Japanese Odyssey is an unsupported bicycle journey across Japan through 12 checkpoints. Starting from Tokyo on October 31st, 2018, the fourth edition allowed riders to choose their own path, deep into dense forests and through neon cities, returning to Tokyo in their own time. As an endurance cycling event with no stopwatch, the emphasis was on exploration and appreciation rather than speed, but still with the challenge of riders having 10 days to complete the 2,600km route.


What We Looked For


Detour is a mission to find riders, adventurers, and creators who document their experiences of bicycle travel through art. We wanted to see paintings, photographs, illustrations, poems, films, songs, and more. The medium didn't matter, as long as the spirit of exploration and adventure is clear.


The chosen winner received flights to and from the Japanese Odyssey, courtesy of 7mesh, Ritchey and Apidura. The winner also received a loan bike for the event, as well as a selection of clothing and bikepacking packs.


Who We Are


Formed in 1974, Ritchey is one of the cycling industry’s premier innovators of high-quality bicycle components.


7 Mesh’s alpine-grade bike apparel equips a global community of adventurers for road and trail riding in all conditions.


Based in London, Apidura designs and creates the best ultralight bikepacking systems available.